Are numerous e-mail services, however one of the most efficient and most advantageous offers, whether you use your mail with a commercial purpose, or if you use it with a personal aim, is the Outlook mail free, the same well we offers many advantages over other mail services, such as data storage in the cloud, calendar, address book for contacts, etc..

If what you want is to download Outlook free, you have to do is head to the official site of Outlook, which is Microsoft / Windows / Outlook and there and you can download Outlook free, also have a tutorial on how to use the mail service Outlook.

To download free Outlook is important that you select the option with your local language, in this case the language is Spanish, on the website where free downloads Outlook, can also access more information about it is the Outlook mail, how it works, what benefits, as well as a forum for questions and answers that will help you learn more about Outlook Mail.

It is important after you've downloaded free Outlook, you can use the full benefits that offers Outlook email from your online chat system from the inbox until the contacts, among others.

Free Outlook

Free Outlook Email is one of the most widely used on the Internet because it offers many benefits, one of the most important is that it is totally free email service, design and graphical interface makes it very friendly and very easy to use.

Plus it's free Outlook mail does not have internal publicity unlike other email services, where in the inbox as well as all interfaces and steps we need to do to send an e mail, advertising appears to us, that obstructs communication and often confuses the user when to use some of the actions of mail.

Another benefit that Outlook email free offers is that it has a storage service in the cloud called Skydrive, where we can also save files, can also accommodate personal information, whether documents images, different types like pdf, txt, jpg, swf, etc.

Besides Outlook mail helps us keep the tray clean and free of spam by your filter which classifies malicious emails and automatically re routed to the Junk Mail folder, all these services are free Outlook email.

Outlook Email

Outlook Email is one of the most used in the world, because besides offering the same service communication through e mails, also from the email inbox Outlook can chat, we can use address book, calendar, a complete list where we can include our friends as well as service Skydrive.

It is also important to know that Outlook mail is a mail service which is completely free, it offers many benefits such as allowing us to have the inbox free of spam, it also allows us to connect with our Outlook email with different social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

The design email Outlook also allows use of more clearly and easier all actions, in less time and more intuitively making less clicks, this also allows it to be a mail very easy to use and also can be used both with personal purposes as well as commercial purposes.

Email Outlook compared to other mail services offers more advantages, such as is free, Outlook also lets you receive updates on your social networks to your inbox, and also apply anti spam filters.

The Bing desktop tool

When more than 10 million people have downloaded the application. Today, according to a post on the Bing Search Blog Official reports on an update for the application.

bing desktop tool

It allows instant access to Microsoft's search engine from your desktop without the intervention of using a web browser.

News Update.

Among the improvements that were made to this new version, it allows use daily imgane classic Bing on your desktop as wallpaper, synchronizing all the search to your desktop.

What does it take to work?

Windows XP or higher

Microsoft Office 2007 or higher

Firefox (latest version)

Chrome (latest version)

Keep in mind that the serach inline function available for Internet Explorer 10 or higher, while to all the features like Metro option, you must have Windows 8.

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